Your hearing is worth preserving, protecting, or restoring. It’s one of your five primary senses through which you experience life, and is your most important “social sense.” It can be important to your personal safety, as it often serves as an early warning system. Most of all, good hearing improves your quality of life.

Since 1978, Karen Scott Audiology has helped people diagnose, restore and protect their hearing. We are a respected team of hearing specialists committed to providing our patients with the best hearing care possible Р from newborn to senior citizen. If you have any hearing care needs, chances are we can help you.

Corrective and Preventive

Our audiologists are hearing care experts who provide a wide variety of hearing services for our patients. These include hearing assessments, prescribing rehabilitation treatments, providing and servicing hearing devices, and patient education and counseling on hearing-related topics. Our office is equipped with the latest technology in audiology equipment, hearing aids, and assistive listening devices. We fit and dispense a wide variety of sophisticated hearing aids and devices appropriate for all life styles and types of hearing loss.

We also help our patients protect against hearing loss by providing, fitting and servicing state-of-the-art hearing protective devices. We work with local firms to create plans for protecting their employees from damaging workplace noise, and we advise individuals on the best ways to protect their hearing in special situations.

How’s Your Hearing?

Sometimes patients confess that they’d suspected for some time that their hearing had deteriorated, but were reluctant to seek help. Some secretly felt that ignorance was bliss. Others were simply embarrassed to acknowledge what they saw as a weakness. Consequently, they hoped they could just “get by” without a hearing aid. Often their family and closest friends were more interested in having them seek hearing help than they were.

How Prevalent Is Hearing Loss?

A survey of 80,000 U.S households led to the estimate that roughly 1 in 10 people in the U.S. has a hearing difficulty. Several other interesting statistics came to light in this 2004 survey, which was performed by the National Family Opinion panel:

  • 3 in 10 people over age 60 have hearing loss
  • 1 in 6 baby boomers (ages 41-59) have a hearing problem
  • 1 in 14 Generation Xers (ages 29-40) already have hearing loss
  • 1.4 million children (18 or younger) have hearing problems
  • 3 in 1,000 infants are born with serious to profound hearing loss

For over 35 years Karen Scott Audiology has provided hearing health care to people of all ages. We love our patients, and would love to help you, too.